▷ ¿What is my drivers license number? ✔️

If you are interested in finding out where your US driver’s license number is located, this number is located in a visible place on the front of your driver’s license or driver’s card.

If you are looking for it, it is because you need it to perform any procedure or because you lost it or simply because you need to replace it. Below I show you everything you need to know to find this number in an easy way, keep reading.

¿What is my drivers license number?

Your driver’s license number is made up of letters and numbers. This number is usually located on the front of your driver’s license.

It is important to know this number because you will need it to do a variety of things with it, as it also serves as a form of identification.

The driver’s license number is usually preceded by an acronym, such as: No, DL or DLN, depending on the state where it was issued.

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How do I find my driver’s license number?

Here is where to find your driver’s license number if you have lost it and need it for any procedure:

You can find your driver’s license number in the following documents:

  1. In any driver’s license you have expired or expired at home, as long as it was processed in the same place as the current one.
  2. In the registration of your car, usually in this record is the driver’s license number, or also in any letter related to the driver’s registration such as the notice to renew the driver’s license.
  3. On leases or any vehicle loan or cancelled bank check.
  4. Your car insurance company will probably have your driver’s license number, as they ask for it when you sign up for insurance, or you may find it on your insurance receipt.
  5. Contact the office where you got your driver’s license, they will be able to provide it to you in most of the occasions by telephone after verifying that you are the holder by asking you several security questions.
  6. The last option is to go to a DMV office in person where you will be given your driver’s license number upon identification.

Driver’s license number format

Driver’s licenses issued in the USA are made up of a code or number composed of digits and letters that are established by the entity in charge, in this case the DMV.

Frequently the format of the driver’s license includes a photo of the license holder, his signature, address, the class or type of license, whether or not it has restrictions, physical characteristics of the holder and the date of issuance and expiration and date of birth.

Each state has a different numbering to make them unique. Depending on the state where you reside this format is numbers, letters and numbers only.


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